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Who is Kandy?

Qualified Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach.

I'm a wife, mum of three, holistic coach who looks at the whole picture. I'm not just about a cookie-cut plan. Every single client that I work with has different goals and is unique. I want to look at the big picture to ensure you are looking after yourself in all areas of life. 

When I started my health and wellness journey it was so daunting. I had no idea where to start with so many fad diets and different types of exercises out there. It was hard to know what was going to work. So like most... I tried it all! I knew there had to be an easier, healthier way to look and feel better so I began studying.

I believe I have a fool proof method that actually works. Yes, you can still enjoy the foods you love and even have drink or two without gaining weight. My true passion is helping woman be the best version of themselves. I am an accountability coach who will be there every single step of the way. I am not a one size fits all kind of gal. Your success is everything to me. 

I have created my very own 12 week intensive course called the "Let's Get Real Project" we go through everything from top to toe and go deep into what has been holding you back. This course includes teaching you all about macros, the relationship you have with yourself and others it will help you change your mindset and allow you to truly shine. 

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